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  • Islamic Pork

    Written and distributed worldwide for a few years starting on the Ramadan month of 2005. Then there were riots in NSW Australia and more uprisings in Israel and Palestine. Israelis need to acknowledge Jesus Christ as Son of God, not just a Prophet or a mere human being. Then Israel shall enter God's rest... Donations are accepted thru Paypal account, ulraxnsydney@yahoo.com. The Word of God has to reach and be shared throughout the whole population of the world which is 7 billion. Your help is much appreciated. God bless you.

    144 KB • PDF File • 29 April 2011

  • Purgatorian Barbeque

    Written and distributed worldwide since October 2007. Before the global economic crisis, successive earthquakes, diseases, disasters, plagues, floods, tornados, cyclones, political unrests, scorching heat and other wraths from God, there was Purgatorian Barbeque. This has been a revelation about Jesus Christ as a God being. If you acknowledge Him to be Son of God who also is a God being, then you are blessed, otherwise, enjoy God's condemnation! If you feel like God is enabling you to make donations, I would consider it as support to the ongoing Spiritual Warfare. If however, you rather listen and give tithes or offerings to Benny Hinn, Brian Houston of Hillsong, Hindu Gurus, Buddhist Monks, Islam Clerics, Mormons and other advocates of the devil or people who make business out of God's Word, then may Satan be yours! Purgatorian Barbeque has been distributed worldwide to hospital employees, consulates, high ranking politicians, churches of vast sects, military personnel, radio station personnel especially in the USA, newspaper columnists, brotherhood organizations, and many individuals. The email addresses numbered more or less 20,000. Grab the chance of knowing who Jesus Christ really is before it's too late. Jesus Christ is coming back and it would be soon! It would not be salvation time, it would be judgment and condemnation time. You better get ready! I am Prophet Dongski who also is Prophet Jrahjile.

    629 KB • PDF File • 29 April 2011

  • Osama Bin Laden Is Islamic Saint

    What if all terrorisms were led by Osama Bin Laden except the 9/11 World Trade Center terror attack? Bin Laden's brain was too small for such a huge operation! Imagine the coordination of the Airport security, Pentagon, Demolition Squad, Passenger Planes, etc. They were so professionally coordinated! Mystery 1 - the WTC twin towers fell as if they were demolished. Structural engineers proved that if those buildings were just struck by planes, then the steel structures will just be bent not powdered. Mystery 2 - the hijackers accused include passengers who did not actually ride the planes. Mystery 3 - report inconsistencies are too many that proved Osama Bin Laden incapable. What could be the motives or purpose if it were done by the American military? 1. The need to upgrade its arms - old stuff need to be phased off. However, justification is required to acquire people's approval. 2. The quest for Oil in Iraq would get a 100% support. Why is God punishing America with Tornados, Floods, Disasters and other wraths that caused Americans to suffer? Is God condemning Americans because of the 9/11 evil? Unless America confess to the world its sin and its lies then God relents. Otherwise, may God shake America with numerous earthquakes of magnitudes higher than 10 on the Richter scale. Osama Bin Laden believes in his Allah. But God already made it so clear that no one could come to Him except thru Jesus Christ. Prophets of Qur'an don't believe that Jesus Christ is Son of God, so what gospel could they actually preach? Would it not just be from Satan? If anyone listens to Jesus Christ whose words are actually in the Holy Bible (NIV) then he or she will have God. If anyone listens to somebody else, e.g. Buddha, Durga, Mohammed, then he gets Satan! It's as simple as that! The Vatican believes in Jesus Christ but disobeys Him by worshipping statues. Islam claim that Jesus Christ was just a mere man, not Son of God! Indonesian Muslims call Jesus Christ, "Anjing" which means dog. Saudis arrest anyone who preaches Christianity. So how would these people come to know the Truth of God? God did not reveal Himself thru anyone. He revealed Himself thru Jesus Christ who actually was already there in the beginning, even before the time of Adam and Eve. Read "Purgatorian Barbeque" for biblical proofs - verses. Bin Laden diligently followed the Qur'an which tells "Death to the enemies of Islam" which actually is a command from Satan. Now he is "Our Man of Holy Bum!"

    940 KB • PDF File • 6 May 2011

  • Muslim Repentance - Everyone Could Ask Forgiveness From Jesus Christ!

    If only Muslims stop following the evil book, Qur'an and look upon Jesus Christ then they have the chances of getting to know the True and Living God. Jesus Christ is the God of Adam and Eve, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David before Mohammed was born! His Name was Lord Almighty in the Old Testament. Mohammed was in error of Scriptures because he certainly have not been baptized with the Holy Spirit of God which could be done only by the Spirit of Jesus Christ. So where did he get the knowledge of God? Did he not just copy the Scriptures from the Jews which are actually in the Bible? Then he added some fantasies and false stories to make it sound professional just like what the Mormons did? Qur'an and The Book of Mormon are but fiction - no continuity of the story, no beginning, no end! The more you read Qur'an, the more Satan speaks to you. What Jesus Christ had spoken were all from God. That is why He always say God sent Him! He came from heaven and lived among the Jews but most Jews did not recognize Him! But where are now the Jews who crucified Jesus? Of course in hell! Jesus Christ is the Judge, how could anybody go to heaven if he or she is not forgiven by Him? Without the help of Jesus Christ, no one could come directly to God. And no one could overcome Satan's temptations without Jesus Christ. Everyone must pass Jesus Christ's standards of righteousness before he will be baptized with the Holy Spirit of God, then that's the time you can speak to God in spirit and in truth! Scriptures written in Qur'an are but lies! And Satan is the father of lies. You read Qur'an then your father is Satan!

    31 KB • PDF File • 9 May 2011

  • The Bible

    This Holy Book is a Testimony of God to mankind. So man will know who He is. There is no need for scientists to give formulas and proofs how the world existed. Science can only prove things regarding matter - solid, liquid and gas. Nothing spiritual could be proven by Science. And God is a Spirit, how could science then prove His existence? God is a Creator and Science is just the study of what has been created. God speaks about His rules, blessings, grace, mercy, forgiveness, love and what He does to people who follow Him. The Bible is a good reference whether you have done right or wrong in the eyes of God. The more you read it, the more you have the power of God and the stronger your spirit becomes! The Scriptures written were fulfilled and some will soon take place in the days to come - I am talking about the "End of the World", "Armageddon", "Satan's Doom" and other prophecies. Don't go for Book of Buddha, Hindu Book, Qur'an of Islam, Book of Mormon, and other spiritual rubbish! They are not for the spirit, they are for the toilet!

    93 KB • PDF File • 9 May 2011

  • Unsa Man, Katawa 'Sab!


    341 KB • PDF File • 10 July 2011

  • After Tibet, Would Philippines Be China's Next?

    The spirit of Buddha is just as that of a human being, not of a God. Burning incense to his statue or offering food and coins to it is sin. You are actually not sacrificing to the statue but to the spirits who live in it - this is Idolatry which is the way of the Devil. You are making God jealous and provoking Him to anger. When time comes for Him to punish you, you would certainly be crushed, smashed and destroyed. Do not listen to Satan's servants who are Idolatry Masters - The Tibetan Buddhist Monk Dalai Lama, Vatican Pope Benedict XVI, Hindu Guru Sai Baba and others. Do not uphold their teachings which follow the principles of evil spirits who live in the trees. Where they go, you will be there too - of course, to hell! Learn to walk in the ways of Jesus Christ. It is the only way to get to heaven. His teachings are found in The Holy Bible. I recommend the New International Version. Choose the translated one which suits you. Enjoy your day!

    195 KB • PDF File • 29 July 2011

  • Hindu Demons

    It is obvious that Hinduism is idolatry which is detestable to God. People must put an end to evil rituals and festivities. Hindus which are mostly Indians must make up their minds and follow the ways of the Lord Jesus Christ. Otherwise, sooner or later, they will be demon possessed! Christians on earth are few, we are supposed to be more than children of Satan - Buddhists, Catholics, Hindus, Muslims, Mormons, etc. Christians should spread the Word of God. I am encouraging people to email this website to their friends and relatives worldwide. If you want to live, live by the Word of God.

    260 KB • PDF File • 4 September 2011

  • 99 Names and Descriptions of Allah

    ALLAH OF ISLAM IS NOT GOD. The Muslim Allah is Baal; and Baal is Beelzebub; and Beelzebub is Satan during the time of Moses. God is the Father of Jesus Christ whose name was Lord Almighty from the beginning until the time of Joseph and Mary. The gods of the Arabs which are Saudis, Lebanese, Egyptians, Palestinians, Syrians, Jordanians, Iraqis, Iranians and other Middle Eastern people were enemies of Lord Almighty, the God of the Israelites and Moses. So if we consider that the gods of the Arabs namely Baal, Asherah, Ashtoreth, Dagon and many others merged into one name, Allah, then Allah of Islam is the former and present enemy of God! Allah was invented by Mohammed in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, 500 years after Jesus Christ. That is why in Saudi Arabia, it is year 1512 while in Australia and other Christian countries, it is year 2012! The True and Living God is the God of Jacob who was later named Israel. He is the God of Moses, and the Father of Jesus Christ. ALLAH OF ISLAM IS SATAN!

    67 KB • PDF File • 25 March 2012

  • Biblical Cancellation of World Debts

    SO, IF THE LORD'S COMING BACK IS NEXT YEAR 2013, THIS END OF YEAR 2012 IS THE CANCELLATION OF ALL KINDS OF DEBTS! Jesus Christ said, "It is easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom in heaven." This is your chance Billionaires and Millionaires, do what Jesus Christ say and you will be blessed even more. Do not cause people to worry. Jesus Christ said in; Matthew 6:25-27 "Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?" Mark 8:36 "What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?" Think about it rich people. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    134 KB • PDF File • 11 November 2012

  • Sinulog - Endless Rebellion To God

    As what I'm telling you, Sinulog is a festival like Mardi Gras which is actually provoking God's anger. Filipinos already had Typhoon Ondoy and Typhoon Pablo because of their Idiocy. Because of Idolatry, Filipinos were not given blessings, instead God hand them over to corrupt government officials and unstoppable graft. Natural resources are too less, unemployment slump is obvious and poverty which could not be controlled. Still they listen to Catholic Bishops, Priests and Nuns, do Filipinos have brain damage?

    218 KB • PDF File • 8 January 2013

  • Qur'an Talks About Moses

    All 66 books of the Bible were completed a few years after Jesus Christ walked the earth. The first 5 books were compiled by Moses during his time. Just like News on TV, events were recorded and reported right after they happened. Qur'an on the other hand was written by Islamic Prophets who were Arabs (not Israelites) 500 years after death of Christ. We can say therefore, that the things written in Qur'an were from The Bible. But because Israelites or Jews are enemies of Arabs since Moses' time in Egypt, Muslim prophets revised and twisted Scriptures of the Bible. If you are a Muslim, what would it profit you? '

    280 KB • PDF File • 17 January 2013

  • THE SINULOG - Fame or Shame?

    Pinamimigay sa mga Internet email addresses mula noong taong 2001 hanggang 2004 sa ating mga kapatiran sa Pilipinas sa pagnanasa na sana magbabago ang kalagayan ng mga Filipino. Kasama ang "Enter the Igleng", "The Buddha Song", "Magsituwad" at iba pang mga artikulo. Tila konti lang ang nakakaintindi at humahantong sa pagkagalit ng Diyos sa mga Filipino at tinambakan ng sangkatutak na bagyo at baha ang kawawa nating bayang Pinas. Ang pag-iintindi sa Biblia ay sa pamamagitan ng pagsunod sa nakasulat na siyang Salita Ng Diyos. Hindi komo ang tao ay mataas ang pinag-aralan, siya ang ating susubaybayan. Itinatago ng Diyos ang ibig sabihin ng Banal Na Kasulatan sa mga mayayabang subali't ibinigay naman ang kaalaman doon sa mga mapagpakumbaba. Kaya huwag magpapaniwala sa mga Pari, Obispo o Ministro na hindi naman pinili ng Diyos na magturo sa kanyang salita. Suriing mabuti ang mga sinasabi ng mga Malalabo dahil kapag sila ay hindi sa Diyos, ikaw rin na tagapagpakinig ay mauuwi kay Satanas.

    710 KB • PDF File • 18 January 2013


    Giniba na nga ng Diyos ang mga Simbahang Roma Katolika sa Bohol at Cebu, dagsaan pang lalu ang pumupunta sa Mesa ng mga Pari at Obispo. Maawa naman kayo sa sarili ninyo! Ang dahilan sa lindol ay ang pagrebelde ng mga tagaCebu at tagaBohol sa Diyos. Unang Utos Ng Diyos - "Huwag kayong magkakaroon ng ibang diyos maliban sa akin." Pangalawa - "Huwag kayong magkakaroon ng diyus-diyusan o kaya'y larawan o rebulto ng anumang nilalang na nasa himpapawid, nasa lupa o nasa tubig. Huwag kayong yuyukod o maglilingkod sa alinman sa mga diyus-diyusang iyan sapagkat akong si Panginoon ay mapanibughuin. Parurusahan ko ang lahat ng aayaw sa akin pati ang kanilang mga anak hanggang sa ikaapat na salinlahi. Nguni't ang lahat ng umiibig sa akin ay pagpapalain ko hanggang sa kanilang kaapu-apuhan. 'Yang Ugok na si Pope Francis, nagsasabing huwag mawalan ng pagasa at buohin ang loob sa pagpanampalataya sa ebanghilyo ng Roma Katolika. Mayabang pang sinabi na, "Mabuhay ang Filipino!" Utak Dilis!

    292 KB • PDF File • 24 October 2013


    PAMASKONG HANDOG 2013 ni Dongski ISANG TANONG, ISANG SAGOT! Kung ang manok sa estoryang "Jack and the Bean Stalk" ay tumatai ng Itlog Na Ginto, ano naman ang tinatai ng mga Madre Ng Roma Katolika? HUWAG PATSAMBA! Nandito ang Sagot sa http://www.dtcele.com.au Hanapin ang Artikulong "Ang 190 Na Namatay Sa Lindol Noong 15 Oktobre 2013 Ay Mga Walang Pakundangan, Walang Galang Sa Diyos, Mga Hayop, Mga Bastos! Tawanan Natin... Bwa ha ha ha!" O kaya click mo 'to; http://www.dtcele.com.au/downloads/2517094/190+NAMATAY+AT+NAPINSALA+SA+LINDOL.pdf ANG PREMYO! Isang ARCHIPELAGIAN HERITAGE CD, The Awakening album. Original, hindi Pirated! PAANO MANALO? I-email ang inyong Sagot at Mailing Address sa dongskidecebu@gmail.com. Unang 300 lang ang kayang mapapadalhan ng Premyo kaya bilisan n'yo! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    86 KB • JPEG Image • 26 October 2013


    Sinulat noong November 7, 2013, Besperas ng Bagyong Yolanda na rumagasa sa Visayas at Mindanao na naging 4th strongest Typhoon ever recorded sa buong mundo. Nilindol na ng 7.2 magnitude, binagyo pa ng pinakamalakas sa taong 2013! At ito namang mga prominenteng Kababayan natin, kinampihan pa si Pope Francis na Alagad ng Demonyo! Pinarusahan na nga tayo dahil sa Kasalanan natin, papanigan pa ang Simbahang Roma Katolika na s'yang nagtulak sa karamihang Filipino na magkasala sa Diyos! Paki-forward mo po bilang tulong mo sa Sambayanan. Maraming salamat po.

    63 KB • PDF File • 9 November 2013

  • Tawanan Natin Ang 4,011 Na Namatay Sa Bagyong Yolanda

    Wala na tayong magagawa pa, ang patay ay hindi na makapagbasa ng Biblia, hindi na rin makapagsisi sa mga kasalanan nilang hindi man lang napupuna kahit may edad na. Kung sila ay mga Katoliko, sigurado, Purgatoryo ang binagsakan nila. Huwag kasi kayong maniwala sa mga Obispo, Pari at Madre. Huwag maghala sige! Parang mga Konduktor ng Bus ang mga 'yan, kahahatid lang sa Purgatoryo ang higit apat na libo, nagtatawag na naman ng pasahero. Huwag na huwag magpapakabig sa mga 'yan - sila'y mga ampon ng Demonyo!

    379 KB • PDF File • 21 November 2013

  • Burn Roman Catholicism, burn!

    The Vatican and Roman Catholicism must burn! Pope Francis, Pope Benedict XVI, Catholic Bishops, Priests and Nuns must burn and be thrown into the Lake of Fire!

    578 KB • JPEG Image • 23 November 2013


    Puwede sigurong paglalabanin ng Debate Sa Biblia sina PACMAN at CARDINAL LUIS ANTONIO TAGLE. Bakit hindi? PAMBANSANG KAMAO laban kay PAMBANSANG SERENA! Ipagdasal lang natin na sana ito ay hindi mauwi sa Bakbakan o Tsupaan! Mga Born Tangé, Born Sinungaling, Igleng, Dating Daan at iba pang mga Mukhang Barya at Buwaya ng 10% Tithe and Offering, isang tanong, isang sagot, "NASA BIBLIA BA ANG 32% TAX NA DAPAT MAKOLEKTA KAY PACMAN? ITO BA AY NABABATAY SA BATAS NG DIYOS?"

    12 KB • PDF File • 30 November 2013


    OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT NOYNOY AQUINO December 2, 2013 RE: REQUEST THAT THE PHILIPPINE GOVERNMENT PUTS TO DEATH BY BURNING THOSE WHO OFFEND THE 1ST AND/OR 2ND COMMANDMENT(S) OF GOD HANDED THRU MOSES. Dear President Noynoy Aquino, Nakita mo naman ang pinsala ng Bagyong Yolanda na sumunod sa 7.2 Magnitude na lindol sa Bohol. Sa ngayon, umangat sa 5,670 ang bilang ng patay at umabot sa P34,366,518,530.67 ang halaga ng mga nasirang gusali, bahay o "infrastructure" at produkto ng agrikultura dahil sa bagyo. Hindi po ito pagsubok. Hindi nagbibigay ang Diyos ng pagsubok na higit sa kakayahan ng tao. Kung hindi man ito kaya, magbibigay siya ng paraan na kanya itong maalpasan. God does not test anyone beyond what he can bear. Ang naganap na lindol at bagyo na pumatay ng tao ay PARUSA! Galit sa atin ang Diyos dahil lumalabag ang mga Filipino lalu na ang mga Bisaya sa kanyang Kautosan! Ang Una at Pangalawang Utos niya na sinuway ng karamihan ay ang pagsamba sa mga diyus-diyusan at rebulto.

    14 KB • PDF File • 2 December 2013


    A proposed Islamic State in the Philippines. Just like Gaza in Israel.

    76 KB • PDF File • 11 December 2013


    Why would Satan show himself as a monster with horns and tail to be worshiped? He was an angel of light which turned to be an angel of darkness. He still has powers to show himself as a beautiful lady with or without panty! He showed himself as a beautiful fairy in Fatima and is called Lady of Fatima. He showed himself as a gorgeous woman in Lourdes and is called Lady of Lourdes. He also showed himself Sweet and Adorable in Mount Carmel and Guadalupe and is called Lady of Mount Carmel and Lady of Guadalupe. He claimed to be Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ and is called Virgin Mary! And 1.2 billion dumb, ignorant Catholics worship Satan who claimed to be Mother of God!

    856 KB • PDF File • 3 January 2014

  • The Devil Wears Burqa

    Allah and Virgin Mary are one Satan!

    151 KB • JPEG Image • 8 January 2014

  • The True Meaning Of Christmas

    In the beginning was Jesus Christ. And Jesus Chrtist was with God. And Jesus Christ was named God.

    28 KB • Microsoft Word • 8 January 2014

  • SINULOG 2014 Cebu City, Philippines (January 19th)

    Ang pagsinulog usa ka DAKONG SALA! Sabot 'sab tawon mo uy, grabehang utoka!

    476 KB • PDF File • 20 January 2014


    Nganong simbahon man na si Birhen Maria nga dako man na'g belat!

    400 KB • JPEG Image • 16 February 2014


    Would it be before he is thrown into the Lake of Fire or after?

    196 KB • JPEG Image • 1 March 2014


    Dahil sa mga relihiyon! Walang mapili, puro makademonyo at makanegosyo!

    341 KB • PDF File • 14 July 2014

  • Iglesia Ni Cristo - Rocket or Racket?

    POPE FRANCIS AND ALL HIS BISHOPS, PRIESTS AND NUNS MUST BE PUT TO DEATH BY BURNING! SO DO WITH MUSLIM CLERICS OR IMAMS, AS WELL AS BUDDHIST MONKS. ALSO, IGLESIA NI CRISTO MINISTERS, HINDU GURUS AND MORMON ELDERS, THEY MUST BE SENT TO HELL BEFORE THEY SEND YOU THERE! IN THIS WAY, MONEY LAUNDERING STOPS. False prophets or Teachers of Demonic Religions must not go unpunished. God is pouring out His wrath to people because of them. They don't do any good to you or your country. They are the cause of your disasters! Not only that they take your money or belongings, they send you and your love ones to hell! Religions which are proven Demonic and Devilish are ROMAN CATHOLICISM, ISLAM, BUDDHISM, HINDUISM, MORMONISM and IGLESIA NI CRISTO.

    58 KB • JPEG Image • 15 August 2014

  • Moneys Scammed By Veronica Flores Santos

    Veronica Flores Santos is from Philippines which speaks Tagalog and Bisaya. She claimed she was an agent of Efficient Highspeed Delivery Courier Services in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Roslin Roshian claimed to have sent Raul Morales, her facebook boyfriend, a parcel of laptop and blueberry phone thru Efficient Highspeed Delivery Scotland. She said she actually enclosed British Pounds which is equivalent to US$250,000. Now, Veronica was the one asking Raul Morales for the fees so that the parcel will be released from Customs and be delivered to him in Australia. Raul Morales paid a total of US$7,000 but then Veronica asked for more. She said the attorneys and high court lawyers are very strict and asked for taxes and other hidden fees. Raul finally declined and told courier to have it returned to sender. But then Roslin Roshian could no longer be contacted. Roslin claimed to have been following up her parcel in Kuala Lumpur but could not show Raul any departure and arrival stamps.

    5.9 MB • PDF File • 19 July 2015

  • Facebook Conversation of Roslin Roshian and Raul Morales

    Roslin Roshian did all her best to convince Raul Morales to get the parcel sent to him thru Efficient Highspeed Delivery Services which contains British Pounds in cash which is equivalent to US$250,000. Veronica Flores Santos, the courier agent based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was the one pressuring Raul Morales to pay the fees to the government of Malaysia and customs. Raul Morales paid US$1,000 for the first time because Veronica told that's the only fee. But then after paying the US$1,000 there were additional payments for whatever reason. Raul Morales paid a total of US$7,000 but later on declined to procure the parcel due to disbelief. Veronica Flores Santos asked for another US$15,000 payable in installment basis! She could not even send proofs there really was money in the parcel. Everything was a swindle. Raul Morales wanted to bring this matter to Police but then it would cost him even more.

    364 KB • PDF File • 19 July 2015


    Computer generated materials used by Roslin Roshian of Scotland and Veronica Flores Santos of Malaysia to swindle Raul Morales of Australia.

    615 KB • PDF File • 25 July 2015

  • The Bible

    lyrics & chords

    32 KB • PDF File • 26 August 2018

  • Bisdak

    lyrics & chords

    29 KB • PDF File • 26 August 2018

  • Iisang Lahi

    lyrics & chords

    19 KB • PDF File • 26 August 2018

  • Hugis

    lyrics & chords

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  • Musikang Pinoy

    lyrics & chords

    40 KB • PDF File • 26 August 2018

  • On And On

    lyrics & chords

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  • Kalabaw At Rosas

    lyrics & chords

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  • Philippine Kangaroo

    lyrics & chords

    41 KB • PDF File • 26 August 2018

  • Pilipinas

    lyrics & chords

    31 KB • PDF File • 26 August 2018

  • These Wild Nights

    lyrics & chords

    40 KB • PDF File • 26 August 2018

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