28 October at 12:13 from atlas

    Hypocrites of today are Hillsong, Baptist, Presbyterian, Foursquare, Pentecostal, Jesus Is Lord, Benny Hinn's, Anglican, Maranatha, Bread Of Life, World for the World, Seventh Day Adventist, Assembly of God and Jehovah's Witnesses to name a few.

    They claim to have been baptized with the Holy Spirit when they have lots of Scriptural errors. They speak in tongues which even God could not understand. They don't fight against Roman Catholicism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Mormonism and other Religions of Lunatics! They grab members from similar Sect and worst of all, they are MUTE DOGS!

    Isaiah was right when he said, "These people's praises are just from the lips and their hearts are far from God."

    If Abraham was a Hypocrite, he could not have offered to God his son, Isaac.

    If Moses was a Hypocrite, he could not have engaged in battle with the Arabs.

    If David was a Hypocrite, he could not have killed Goliath!

    HYPOCRITES ARE DANGEROUS! They were the ones who handed over Jesus Christ to the Romans for crucifixion! You give Tithes and Offerings to Hypocrite Pastors and Ministers, then you are rewarding them with even more luxurious lives!

    Communion is sharing the body and blood of Christ. Jesus Himself specified that the breaking of bread and drinking of the wine symbolizes this fellowship of His body and blood. In Churches of Hypocrites, the small circular wafer or soda cracker has already been broken and the wine is not wine at all, it is grape juice!

    And when someone is thought to have been healed, they shout to glorify the Lord! The truth is, the Lord is already glorified even without their false testimonies. They prove themselves to be LIARS!

    Most of all, JESUS CHRIST does not listen to Hypocrites and Liars! He does not perform any kind of miracle thru them.

    JESUS CHRIST doesn't care about their showy, flowery and lengthy prayers!

    Before the crucifixion, Jesus told the HYPOCRITES and Pharisees, "To where I go, you cannot come."

    Go to hell then, HYPOCRITES!

In heaven is God. And no one comes to Him except thru His Son, Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is the
God of Moses.

Whatever it takes,
follow Jesus Christ.

Do not be deceived by Satan's servants!