• All American Sovereign Debts Must Be Written Off

    17 October at 16:36 from atlas

    Prophet Raul Morales from Philippines demands all American Sovereign Debts be written off.  Our King and Lord of lords, Jesus Christ is coming back soon and would rule all nations for a thousand years.  He wants all people on earth be debt free.  His coming back is more than just "Year of Jubilee" and so it is special!

    If 8 trillion dollars of the 16 trillion-dollar American Debt comes from China, then Chinese President Xi Jinping should initiate the cancellation of such debt.

    Also, China should leave Philippines alone.  Scarborough Shoal should not be grabbed by the Chinese people.  This island which actually belongs to the Philippines, if given to China, then it is just the same as facilitating Chinese Invasions in Asia.  We would then be enlarging Chinese Territorial waters.  The Chinese military will position their Aircraft Carriers and Submarines in the Pacific.

    Good if China is a Christian country.  Man, it is a Buddhist country!  The doctrine of Buddha states, "Do not kill cockroaches, grasshoppers or any insects, because if you do, you would develop hurting instinct!"  Also, Buddhists use the word "God" to scare people and so they would behave, but they themselves don't believe in God.  Bloody dumb Morons!

    If China is successful on invading Philippines, then I would rather die than be ruled by those crooked legged and yellow testicle Communists.

    Filipinos will fight to the end! They don't want Xi Jinping's wife in exchange to Scarborough Shoal!

    Until now, Chinese Navy and military personnel are still nearby the island.  I am challenging them to start shooting so they will see!

    We'll find out whose testicles would fall!  We will continue to possess lands in Mainland China and kill all men!  Chinese women and children we will take as slaves.  And all factories in China, we will convert into Yellow Testicles Soup processing factories!  Got that Mr. Xi Jinping?

    来自菲律宾的先知劳尔·莫拉莱斯要求所有美国的主权债务予以核销。我们的国王和领主的主耶稣基督很快就会回来了一千多年,统治所有国家。他希望所有的人在地球上无债一身轻。他回来更不仅仅是"禧年" ,所以它是特殊的!
    如果8万亿美元, 16万亿美元的美国债务来自中国,当时的中国国家主席习近平应该启动有关债务的取消。
    好,如果中国是一个基督教国家。人,它是一个佛教国家!佛的教义, "不要杀蟑螂,蝗虫或任何昆虫,因为如果你这样做,你会发展伤害的本能!"此外,佛教徒吓唬人,所以他们会表现得使用"上帝"一词,但它们本身不相信上帝。血腥哑低能儿!


In heaven is God. And no one comes to Him except thru His Son, Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is the
God of Moses.

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follow Jesus Christ.

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