2 May at 10:02 from atlas

    - Prophet of God, Raul Morales

    Allah and Virgin Mary are one Satan!

    Therefore Muslims and Catholics are children of Satan!

    Muslims say, "Allah is great!". This means Satan is great.

    Catholics say, "Holy Mary, mother of God". This means Satan is mother of God.

    Muslims love to kill as in suicide bombings;
    Catholic priests, bishops and nuns love anal sex in Catholic churches and convents.

    Catholics and Muslims go to Hades or Bottomless Pit which Pope Francis calls Purgatory where your dead parents, relatives and friends are. And because they are there, they have no more chances of getting to heaven.

    You continue listening to Pope Francis, Zakir Naik, Dalai Lama, Hindu Gurus, Imams, Monks, Nuns, Bishops, Priests, Pastors, Ministers or Elders, you will certainly end up in Hades or Purgatory!

    If you can't help get rid of Islam and Vatican, you will certainly be going to where your loved ones are now.

    Chose Jesus, the only way to heaven!

    Jesus is Son of God, worship Him only, in spirit and in truth!

    Help destroy Satan's kingdom! Help yourselves!

In heaven is God. And no one comes to Him except thru His Son, Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is the
God of Moses.

Whatever it takes,
follow Jesus Christ.

Do not be deceived by Satan's servants!