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    Organized in year 1998 but disbanded after a few months when the singer/songwriter, Ulrax DM, went to Australia on the month of September of the same year. Archipelagian Heritage is pertaining to the Philippine Archipelago and that it is owned by the Filipinos. Sariling atin kumbaga. The group's songs are mostly nationalistic telling fellow Filipinos about the life of the common people in the Philippines and the life when they go abroad. It tells also about the kind of government that we have and the things we should know how to get rid of this so called corruption, injustice, poverty, oppression, greed and crab mentality.

    The first album which consists of 10 songs was called "Beyond Horizon". They were all re-mastered and included in the new album, "The Awakening", except the song, "Mandurugas". Altogether there are 14 songs in the new album wherein 5 songs were newly recorded at a studio in Liverpool, NSW. These new songs carry the same theme - anti-Filipino evil. "Kalabaw at Rosas" is actually about land reform which tells everyone who listens the life of a Filipino farmer - what he has and how the government ignores him. "Musikang Pinoy" is about the life of a Filipino musician who most likely could not get support from his countrymen. "Pilipinas" is all about a Filipino who works in Saudi Arabia. "Iisang Lahi" is an encouragement that we could possibly unite even if we speak different dialects, and even if we have different faces we still belong to the same race! "Hugis" is all about employees making complaints to their employers - alsa masa, alsa baso or whatever. "Matang Pinya" is all about the Filipino jealousy in the work environment. "On and On" is all about the Filipino politicians' behaviour when election is approaching.

    The band has many other interesting songs but the greatest of them is the song called "The Bible". It tells everyone not just Filipinos about the evil that mankind is engaging with - Idolatry. When we look at monks and priests, there's nothing wrong! They look good with their fashion. It might be hard for them to pooh or peeh but they got that feminine style! We don't care if they hold Mardi Gras in their churches but this idolatry crap is what they teach and the innocents who are mostly Filipinos, Chinese and Indians are following it!

    Idolatry is evil and God hates it! When you kneel and pray in front of an idol which is a statue or painting, the devil who is a bad spirit could actually get into the statue or painting and talk to you mind to mind! This is why you think erotic! And this is why you swear a lot! It is in this way that Satan becomes your counsellor! God does not want you to pray to the statue of Leonardo da Vinci and call it Jesus. God does not want you to pray to the statue of Marilyn Monroe and call it Mary. God does not want you to pray to the statue of Homer Simpson and call it Buddha! God does not want you to worship the statue of the eight-handed Hindu god, Durga. And God does not want you to worship the idol, Sto. Nino whom you claimed to be the boy Jesus but actually "The little Niger"! Tuwing Sinulog, winawagayway mo pa!

    Idolatry is the reason why God is punishing us! It is Jesus Christ's Spirit and it is His word that each Filipino should want! Not ceramic, nor cement, nor plastic nor wood formed to look like a man and call it Jesus! Ganito po 'yan, ang "Black Nazarene" ng Quiapo, Manila ay isang sunog na estatwa na ang laman ay ang Diablo at ang kanyang mga siyota! Tuwing procession may iyakan at papahid-pahid pa! Hindi ba natin nakikita? Pinoy sila at nakakaawa na! The Spirit of Jesus Christ never ever get into any idol formed to look like Him of any material even if it is silver or gold! The Lord would never be your Counsellor in this way even if your idol is made in China, Russia or North Korea!

    We might have been told so many times about this, yet we don't accept it because we love Christianity the pagan way. We love to belong to a rich religion - sikat! Well, God's way is not the Roman way! God's righteousness is not Roman righteousness! We follow God not Romans! We use to sing "God heal our land!" but how could God heal it when we ourselves refuse to obey Him? And because of this, even if we put a hundred Jose Rizal's, a thousand Andres Bonifacio's and a million Benigno Aquino's in the Philippines at this time, our motherland would still be One corrupt, poor and underdeveloped country!

    Idolatry is the worship of evil spirits! It is sin! It is rebellion! Being poor is an advantage in the eyes of God for He favors the humble and lifts up those who could tackle sufferings. But being poor yet a rebel to His commands is nonsense! Every Filipino is not obligated to follow all things that stubborn religious leaders teach. Do not have pity on them, have pity on yourselves! You don't have to be a loser for your whole life!

    Satan has bound Philippines for centuries. It is through idolatry that he has crushed us for ages! Idolatry is the reason why we are here and are called Fil-Oz's!

    Enjoy listening to the songs in Archipelagian Heritage's new album, "The Awakening". At kaibigan kung hanggang ngayon ikaw ay tulog, gumising ka naman! Maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat! - Ulrax DM 2009

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