21 June at 13:03 from atlas

    Communism in the Philippines has been supported by China and the Roman Catholic Church for many years. Blind, deaf and dumb Filipinos do not agree with this and they are proud to be Catholics forever. Communists had been ruthless when they kill those who oppose them and they had been collecting taxes in some parts of the country. Their murders though had been concealed by government corruption. They are not blamed that much.

    Now that the evil of the Roman Catholic Church is exposed throughout the world, it's just natural that China would collect its revenues. Many times ammunitions from China had been confiscated by authorities in the Philippines but they were thought of just drug related activities. Several times also, Catholic priests appear on newspaper caricatures preaching the Bible with M16 armalites on their backs. This happened during the time of Former President Corazon Aquino wayback year 1988.

    The New People's Army (NPA) think they are doing their fight for the country's welfare but they are wrong! China and the Roman Catholic Church are the ones who are more interested of the Philippines.

    China's quest for Scarborough Shoal is not the main target here. It is the invasion of the Philippines!

    Now stupid Filipinos should not say, "Anyway Chinese are good bosses." Chinese are enemies of God! Filipino hypocrites do not care about what's going on, they don't know they are not going to live if China rules the Philippines. They think they will have enough food, nice shelter and comfortable life for their children.

    Former Senator Benigno Aquino, Sr. should not have said, "The Filipino Is Worth Dying For." It is irritating!

    Religions in the Philippines play vital roles in the country's graft and corruption. These institutions teach Filipinos ignorance and lies, not Truth of God.

    But, no matter how the world looks at Filipinos and Filipinas, they are still and always my brothers and sisters. I have compassion on them. All I ever wanted is that they be God's children - all of them.

    The Filipinos could not afford to give Scarborough Shoal to China but they can give China's President Hu Jintao, a golden Dildo! He doesn't look like a mighty warrior, he looks like a homosexual!

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