3 February at 14:42 from atlas

    Is Filipino Fiesta Kultura Considered Sin Against God?

    My parents celebrate fiestas in the Philippines before. We invite our cousins, aunties, uncles, grandmas, grandpas together with the whole clan to have an eat in our house. This celebration takes place once a year in a certain town or barrio in the whole country. And I actually liked it!

    When it is our relatives' fiesta time, we come to them. We can drop at 3 - 5 houses. And if we can no longer fill the food and drinks in our stomach, we'll have them as "take away".

    I learned about this evil thing when I was already 25 years old. This fiesta kultura celebration is something spiritual! It is no ordinary event like beauty pageant, boxing, basketball, concert or whatever. This is a form of idolatry!

    A fiesta kultura is an inauguration of a Catholic Patron Saint - Virgin Mary, Lady of the Rule, Lady of Peñafrancia, Lady of Fatima, Lady of Mt. Carmel, Lady of Guadalupe, Lady of Lourdes, San Lorenzo Ruiz, San Pedro Calungsod, St. Bernadette or even Mary Mackillop.

    Let us take for example, Lady of Peñafrancia as Patron Saint of Mt. Druitt NSW Australia. Once a year she will be honoured with a feast. Let us say every 10th of October. Maybe it's her birthday or the time she showed herself as a fairy in Peñafrancia.

    Seven Fridays before October 10th, there will be gathering or mass in a Catholic Chapel or Church. There the devotees recite novenas, say prayers, sing praises, bring flowers, food and coins, and light candles to the statue of Lady of Peñafrancia. They eat food after each time not like ordinary masses.

    On the 10th of October, an early morning mass will be held. After that there will be a procession. Like walking the Lady of Peñafrancia statue on the street.

    Then the celebration begins. It's bigtime! Just like in Fairfield, Rouse Hill or Randwick. There are stalls with any kind of merchandise, entertainment, raffles, food and drinks and even indoor sports.

    The idolatry thing was already gone and it is what has been hidden. The Filipino evil has just been concealed!

    The 1st two commandments of God given thru Moses were broken prior to the exciting state-of-the-art fiesta kultura.

    Now let me say it clearly so you will understand. Lady of Peñafrancia is Satan showing himself as a fairy in a place called Peñafrancia. In the same way, Lady of Lourdes is Satan showing himself as a gorgeous fairy in long white gown in Lourdes, France. This was St. Bernadette's claim. Same thing with Lady of Guadalupe, Lady of Fatima, Lady of Mt. Carmel, etc.

    The government of Australia should consider this as crime. If drink driving is a crime, why not idolatry? This seems nothing but it will sooner or later jeopardize the Australian economy. Idolatry is rebellion against God! It is sin and its punishment is death physically and spiritually! God destroys evildoers!




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