• Newly-Elected Philippine President Is Not Ferdinand Marcos' Biological Son

    15 May at 13:35 from atlas

    The Newly-Elected Philippine President, Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos, Jr. Is Not Former President, Ferdinand E. Marcos' Biological Son https://raulmorales.hearnow.com/opm-volume-1 
    The couple Ferdinand E. Marcos and Imelda R. Marcos had a son which they call Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos. Unfortunately, this son died of disease at an early age. While living in Malacañang Palace, Imelda had a secret love affair with their private driver. This newly-elected President is their son who could have a different name at birth. To cover up some things, they want to show to the people that their dead son, the real Bongbong Marcos is not dead. And so we can say that Imelda R. Marcos is an adulteress. Imelda is also the mastermind of the Plaza Miranda, Manila, Philippines. She is also the one behind the arson of Lawis, Ozamis City, Philipines. https://archipelagianheritage.hearnow.com/aint-born-to-be-a-stupid-kind 
    Furthermore, Imelda R. Marcos is the sponsor of Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino's murder. Ninoy was a Senator at that time. He is the father of Kris Aquino, a TV star in the Philippines. It wasn't Rolando Galman who shut Ninoy for he had been a few days dead already when he was pushed from a van and fired with bullets to show that he was Ninoy's killer. It was someone else who killed Ninoy, Imelda's hired killer was other than Rolando Galman. https://raulmorales.hearnow.com/best-of 
    Also, the Marcoses have forcefully taken from Rogelio "Roger" Roxas the trillions of dollars worth of Yamashita treasure which include the Golden Buddha which got diamonds in its head. These are mostly gold bars which Japanese soldiers stole from most Asian countries under operation golden lily and store them in mountains and remote areas in the Philippines. This was World War II era. The Marcoses also stole gold deposits from Central Bank of the Philippines. This wealth could have been shared by all Filipinos, but unfortunately, they are deposited in Switzerland, Brazil, China and other countries under the Marcoses names only. In short, we can say that this newly-elected Philipine President is a son of an adulteress, murderer and thief. Earlier, he was caught in Davao City sniffing cocaine during his electoral campaign. Rodrigo R. Duterte, the outgoing president could testify on this.  www.ulraxnsydney.blogspot.com  
    Just like Ferdinand E. Marcos who used to buy votes for Php100, this newly-elected Philipine President for sure have done it as well. With the help of Imelda's ill-gotten wealth and corruption expertise. She could have paid COMELEC personnel and all Elementary Teachers who process the votes. She could also have paid Manila Mayor Isko Moreno to stop running for president so Bongbong Marcos' prospected votes won't be divided.
    So, congratulations to Filipinos, they have proven that they are the World's Dumbest People!  www.dongskidecebu.blogspot.com

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