3 February at 18:05 from atlas

    Pastors Are But Peddlers

    Pastors are no evangelists, they are peddlers. They use the name of Jesus for money. They call themselves as "Born Again Christians" when they actually are "The Breed Of Caiaphas".

    Their prayers are performances which irritate God. They baptize people with demons thru laying of hands. They speak in tongues which no one understand. They devour pockets!

    Be very sure that Caiaphas and his priests are not in heaven at this time. Neither are the Jews who crucified Jesus the Christ. Neither is Pontius Pilate! Jesus did not accept them in his kingdom in heaven.

    I tell you this, "Unless your righteousness surpasses that of Pastors, you will certainly not be acceptable to God".

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In heaven is God. And no one comes to Him except thru His Son, Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is the
God of Moses.

Whatever it takes,
follow Jesus Christ.

Do not be deceived by Satan's servants!